Wednesday, March 24, 2010

this post is untitled.

first of done watching this cool movie..SHERLOCK HOLMES..its very immense you know..althougt the protagonist is not handsome as the character it should be..but its still cool..i suggest you to have look at these movie wil ya..

damn isn't it..its been a very long time since i update my black new header blog(i hope you guys like it)..
so..i don't have anything to say anymore for this end to-be post..

im sad??..nope..i was sad..but you know.every moment in our life we had bitter and sweet taste in our life..and thats what we called a true,,im hoping every thing that had occur to me has it very own goods that only my almighty GOD know what is the best for me..

so,,i think thats all from not quit blogging for sure...but maybe im not blogging for about some times..its hard to say that i rather say im will update next...but when??..its only me know when it will to you all...wait for my next update(if you dare)..hahaha..


btw,,have a look to this official music video of OWL CITY
(which is im so freaks about..hahahaha)...funnny lolz..this song is really have a deep meaning thought..haha..don't ask me too about that..juz sit back and have the SOUL of the song..=)


Friday, February 19, 2010

I will always tell you the truth. Alice Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 20, p.412

TWILIGHT is really IMMENSE!!!..hahahhaha
for the very first time watching was really cool..Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen is sometimes hot(for the girls freaks about twilight he is ALWAYS hot)

..hahahahaha..the first movie is really fascinating..and the NEW MOON is kinda cool knows guys..i already watched it in HIGH-DEFINITION..well..,,one of my brother's friends have premium account for certain website(i don't know what is the website actually) he can get the pass for new cool movies in HD..thats cool isn't for the TWILIGHT freaks..and very desperate to watch their Robert Pattinson back in action..please come to my home..20 ringgit per hour..kah3...

and the cast i most eye-catching to me is Ashely Greene..or you rather know her as ALICE CULLEN..she is really cute!!!..fall in love again i think..hahahaha

its tooooooo hot!!!...180 degree celcius..hahahah..i really like Alice baseball pitch..she is cool.. to see the future is her abilities(at least there is something to be proud i think)..hahaha..ok..thats all from me..goodbyes~.salam~..
                                                                                                        from: ALICE CULLEN freaks..hahahah

p/s..the spm result is getting closer..become very nervous(hope have ALICE by my side to see my future)..juz kidding..hehe

Friday, January 22, 2010

we ShAll NevEr sURREnder...

'we shall never surrender'??..what those meaning after all..of course you all will never understand..hahahaha..never mind juz ignore it..ignorance is your new bestfwens right??(from paramore's song..i think)..

hurm,,from now on..i can only seldomly open my messy blog,facebook,and........i think there is no more social networking..or i just don't remember for these post..i will introduce you all with my new wife..erk..juz kidding..i will introduce yo my.......

yeah!!!!!!!!!!! is Sony  Playstation 3 and it is Slim..actualy it is not vital whether its slim or fat(i dont think it is the best way to call it)..btw,and the console is now in my is very excited to be one of the person to have these new genartion gaming console..hahahaah..i should be proud of it..

but........if juz the console what worth of it..if there is no game..yeah..i know..many people thought of buying this new gaming console becouse of the price of dual-layered disc or they call it blue-ray disc is toooo high and it still rocketing rapidly in Terengganu..when i went to buy this..i look at the price of ONE game..i retype it again ONE game(i dont bold it this time) worth RM299.59..OMG!!!!,,if it is the price of one game only..what would i eat,where would i live???..that is insane!!!and almost impossible for the background person such as me to earn i told it to my eldest brother and he said at  K.L it only least it still affordable..and i still have something to eat.and a place to live.if the price is i just ask my brother to buy it at K.L..2 games for test this ultimate gaming console..weeeeeeeeeeeehooooooooo..!!!

the games are.....................Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patriots

and Devil May Cry 4...

hahaahaha..i know all you guys never know this game..its not important,but i want to tell you that this games all very awosome..the storyline,the graphic,the gameplay,the style,,its all was almost perfect!!!,,for those who wants to buy ps3..i suggest them to have this one of their collection..nice yaaa...hurm,,most of my friends when they have their gaming console..the only game they know is FIFA..or i rather said soccer games..come on will be wasting you moneys just only buy those games..i didnt said that the games is not cool..but its too much waayy awosome if you have some adventure that what we call Ps3 is worth buying..hahahaha

after almost one week playing those games..i already finish  it..WHAT???..its very22 soon..i thought it took more time..haiz..btw,,those endings for both of the games are insanely very2 sad!!!..what the world is happen here????..many people(most of it girls)..will cry when watching some sad,romantic movie,finishing reading some love novel,,,but i.........?????..almost crying,,(actually it was almost,,not crying yet)..hahaha.after finish my games..what the world am i??...

yes..i not lied to you all..if you know the was very2 sad..haiz..i thinks there is enough for my post this time....

wait!!!!..almost forgot..for the tittle..actualy it is the tittle of the song as the soundtrack in Devil May Cry was soft and.....what???..juz think yourself..have a look at this video for a moment..

the girl in these video is Kyriel..isn't she is beutiful??.hahaha...neva mind juz forget it..
ok..i have to go is 2 a.m and tomorrow is Friday..if i not sleep yet..there will be one person who don't perform Fridays prayer.hahaha..juz kiddin..ok..gotta go.hope u enjoys reading my post this time althought it is not intresting..haiz...



Saturday, January 9, 2010

im KNoe its Kinda LatE..But HAppy BIrthdAY..ahahhah

finally im 18..that does mean anything for me??..yeah its totally meaningful to me..
im no longer a boy(thats one of my fwen said..its true ea??) what am i???..erm,,,lets juz skip that question for a while..

me and my mum had celebrated our birthdays(my mum birthday is 9 january,,one day after me)early..we had lunch at pizza mom treats..hehehe..of course i have no money for this month coz im not schooling anymore..thats fine to  become very22 excited to had lunch at pizza..its was a very2 long time since the last time i ate at pizza..if i dont get it wrong..the last time was when my sista treat us..that was when i got straight As for my PMR(also hOPing the same at SPM amiN~)..

erm,,to my fwens..thanks for the all you good grateful to have friends like u all(what im talking ea??) many msg and wall post at facebook  for my happy birthday wish..thanks all u guy..althought there is still someone who does not know about this date..erm,,neve mind..

present??? seems only cute fatin amirah will give me rm5 topup..thats is nice yaa..thats ok..coz soon i will earn ps3 BACK!!!..YA-HA!!!..thats is so fun..sOOn,,my uPcoming days wiLl not Be so boRing yaaa..hahaha..

erm,,i Think thats all fRom me foR this post..about the question??..who am i???..hurmm,, i think i am the person who trying to be the better person to ur all,no matter in what aspect u all think i am,no matter what are the situation,no matter u like me or the will do ma best ya..Ya-HA!!!..

ok..i had to go..coz i want to watch my favourite anime.EYESHIELD 21..hehee..have a happy days..salam~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

thE veRY,veRy FIRst POst In mY BlOG..............acTualLy In 2010..

thE TImE iS 12.33 a.m nOw..

finally i caN wRite my BLog wITh My pc WhicH was veRy2 MEssy And DUsty..its beEN a Long Time..foR thIS pc tO ReOpeRAting..I dOnt KNoe wHy(i'm Not a pc ExpErt) a fEW MomEnt aGO I jusT PuSh THE on buTTon..anD its SeeM wORking..and I feLT so happy as a clam..hahaha

fOR toDay(what Is sPEcial ea???)..hahahaha..i KNOE IT!! wILl bE a PIn sTart foR the a VErY2 'exCiTING,ADvENToROus,INtResTIng' progrAm..that Is PRogram LatIhan KhIDmat NEgara(P.L.K.N)..hahaha..i hoPE All My FwENz whO ARe bLEssED BY gOD to bE chOSen amOng thE sPM stUDents will go anD reTurn sAfeLy to ThEir camP sITe..kah3..oF coUrse yoU aLL wiLl Be GivEn tonS of eXcITing kNOEleDge,bUNch OF COol fWEns,aND many OThers ExpeRIences thAT I caN't geT at My hOMe(actually there Is noThing i can get fROm my home excePT my BEloved faMIly) HoPE u guYs(meri,munir,saEFuLLAh,izAT,wAN dIN,foR thE giRl i juZ doN't kNOe whO Is cHosen,,soRRy)..wIll APpREcIAte thIs veRy2 'IntRestINg' progRam anD You Guyz Give A fUll SuPPort to The oRganizer Or what we call(wHAtever)

hahahahaa...anD anOTherS INtreStINg foR UpcOMing dayz is....'wELComE BAcK to SCHoll!!'..hahaha..wAIt2..tHAt gReeTIng Is Not For ME..thAts For tHE PEoPle wHOm STIll caLL ThEmseLveS as A sTUdent..kah3...wHEn THeY HaD To goNE fOR BEd eARly,,I sTIll cAN wAstING my TIMe iN fROnt Of THis sCreen,whEn ThEy haD to WoKE Up And HAve A veRY ShivERing BAth iN thE cOOl moRNing,I still Can snORing at THEm(acTUally i'm Snoring ye..dOnt call ME sNorer).wHEn tHeY had To CoMPlete tHEir HomEwORk,i can foOling ArouNd at geRAi MAMAK. aND waTCh mY FavOurITe mAtCH..hahahaha..yoU waNT me to ADD soMe More??..i'm afRAid Your all Will BE ENjoy THE fIRst dAY oF scHOOl yea.

fuuuh..tirED acTuAlly foR ME to TypE like THis..once CapItal lettEr. oNce Non-Capital letTer..
tHats All For ME today..HoPE u Guyz(esPeciALly the PLKn pArticIpatns aND sHAMS StUdeNTs ) has a veRY sOLobuRious daYz..salam=)..

p/s..stilL thEre Is No oNE whO wantS to tEAch ME HOW to aDD Image fRom WEbsite..haiz..erm,,if uR haVe SOME mOMEnts..PleasE clICk the Play ButtOn yep..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

JUst aS a cANdle caNNot bURn withOut fIRe, mEn cANNot liVe witHOut A spIrItual lifE wRitIng this AftEr went To mY NeiGhboUR hOUse whom Held a kenduri or what We CAll thAt..hahah..anD mY HAnd StiLl SMeLLing of GulAi DAGIng KAmbing or Daging gUlai Kambing(whatever)..wahahaha..

..actUAlly NotHing SpecIAl Here To POst..Just UpdAteD it..lAst thuRsdaY I gOT an Offer FrOM MAIDa(xtahu gAK Nde ow MAidam) cOnTInuE MY StuDy at FAr2 awAy(noT too OFfer ActUAlly) JORdan..n da Most vITal Thing,,tHE SUBject iS aRAbic..wHIch SUbJEct I vERy22 'LOVe'(u gEt The PIctuRE..hehe)..bUt I RejEcteD it..beCoz of....u want tO kNOe?????...BEcoz thaT i veRy 'LoVE' arAbic..thAts WHy I Rejected thE OFfer..ngahgagaaa..

...fOR da hOlidaY..therE is NotHIng iNTresTing foR Now..i Just siT Back aND reLAx at My Home..watChing nArUto,eYESHield 21,,,cHAtting,,anD bLogging,,for dA mosT Vital QoDA' mY SLEEp..wahaha..AnyBOdy whO wAnt tO iNviTe To a HoLidaY tRIp are Very2 weLCoMe and I accEPT iT wIth And OpEn Hand..kekekekeccess=

..whatever..thAtz All FrOM me FROM now on(hoPE U UNderstAND)..saLAm,,,

p/s..somEbody pLEas TeACh mE How to Add Image fRom WebSite..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

THE cAndLE Of HoPE IS tHE sOUrce OF LIght foR sUCces..

hahahaha..(nothing actuall)...

just tO wiSH gUDluCk to all PMR cANdiDAtes..nah...of cOZ TheY All NoW Is sHIvERING(kaet ke??)..wAITIng foR THeiR rSULT tOMORRROW...

sO i

With my
1 Heart…
2 eyes…
5 litre blood…
206 bones…
1.2million Red Cells…
60 trillion D.N.A.’s…
I wish u "All the very best of LUCK"